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The Marsh Botanical Garden is undergoing some exciting changes. We are currently searching for a new Associate Director to collaborate with the garden Director, improving research, teaching, and outreach initiatives, and working on so much more! To concentrate on these changes, we will be closed to non-Yale visitors during the summer months. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


By entering the address (265 Mansfield Street, New Haven, CT 06511), all GPS systems will bring you to our door. For those who know Yale and New Haven, Mansfield Street is parallel to and to the west of Prospect Street and Whitney Avenue, two major north-south arteries for Yale and the Science Hill area. At the corner of Prospect Street and Hillside Place, turn west on Hillside, going down the hill one block to Mansfield, and turn right. The first opening in the fence on the right is marked by our sign.

From Campus (Blue Bus or Walking)

Marsh Hall is the closest landmark to the Blue Bus route up Prospect Street. The nearest stop is located across from the garden and Marsh Hall. Walk down the hill from Marsh Hall, past Greeley Laboratory to the greenhouses and office at the bottom of the hill.

A pedestrian entrance to our garden is a gap in the hedge at the corner of Prospect Street and Hillside Place. The gap is just to the north of the intersection, where the Yew hedge ends next to a Buckeye Tree (Aesculus species). Follow the path towards Greeley Memorial Laboratory, but head down the hill to the greenhouses below. The entrance is on the far-side of the greenhouse complex.