Our Garden could not exist without the generous support of the Yale and New Haven communities. We have several wonderful opportunities for specific projects at the Garden. We use the Master Plan that was completed in 2007 as a resource in identifying those projects, both large and small, that will help our Garden move forward in the direction of our mission statement. 

We welcome inquiries about the possibilities for giving. You can direct your inquiries and suggestions to Marsh Botanical Garden by calling us at (203) 432-6320, or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Volunteering and Intern Programs

We have a small but dedicated volunteer corps, including  Master Gardeners from the Connecticut Agricultural Extension program, high school students and retirees with an interest in plants and gardening.  There are three pieces integral to our volunteer program. The first is focused on providing specific task-focused gardening assistance either indoors or outdoors, depending on weather and other factors. The second piece is our docent program, where folks who are comfortable leading tours of our greenhouses and gardens will provide narrative to visiting groups. The last segment of our volunteer/intern program is focused on providing a learning experience for high school students, who may need community service to fulfill graduation or extra credit assignments. This program will be starting in the spring of 2018. Please contact to more information about our programs.

Capital Planning

Please contact us for more information about our Long Range Plan and the Capital Planning that has helped guide us into the next decades of our garden’s life.

Donations of Plants

We gladly accept donations of outdoor and indoor plants, consistent with our Plant Acquisition Policy. Please contact us for more information on how you can help keep us green.