Some of the systematic collection plantings that Beatrix Farrand had designed into the Garden still exist, with Ericaceous plants taking the lead. Rhododendron, azalea, pieris, mountain laurel and blueberry provide spring, summer and fall displays. A native plant bog garden is nestled next to one of the springs that pop out of our hillside. Wildflower displays in the summer months, from May into October, provide an interesting alternative to the lawn in several areas.  Garden beds near the greenhouses provide color as well with perennial and annual plantings, including a large planting of tender bulbs (gladiolus and calla lilies) that stayin the ground protected by the foundation of a greenhouse. We also have a large number of Asian plants, incluiding several types of Japanese Maples in the Honorary Ian Sussex Moss and Bryophyte Garden. In that same area are growing several Camellias and Leycesteria, protected from the winter weather by a south facing nook near the Koi Pond and contemplation seat.