Big Beech Farewell

December 11, 2012

One of our fine old Purple-leafed Beech trees has declined to the point that removal is necessary. This tree, overhanging the parking lot to Marsh Hall, has been in decline for some years, finally losing two-thirds of its canopy this year. Because of the position of the tree, we feel it is necessary to be removed to avoid damage to vehicles and injury or worse to pedestrians. The work will be done over the winter recess.

The good news is that there is a young Purple-leafed Beech tree right next to this lovely old denizen of the garden, and this youngster will quickly fill the void after the old one is removed. More good news: City Bench has agreed to harvest some of the wood from this tree, which is of the same age as the Forestry School, and make available the possibiity of returning a bench or table to the garden made from the wood from this great old tree. You can visit City Bench web-site here: