The Desert House

  • Cactus 2
    Cactus 2
  • Cactus 3
    Cactus 3
  • Cactus 4
    Cactus 4
  • Cactus 5
    Cactus 5
  • Cactus 6
    Cactus 6
  • Cactus 7
    Cactus 7
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    Cactus 8
  • Cactus 9
    Cactus 9

Some of the most forbidding climates on our planet are represented in this display, as we highlight plants that have evolved to live in very dry and harsh conditions. Unique and interesting water-capturing characteristics along with water-holding capacities and heat- and sun-avoidance tactics are part of the wonder of our planet, all on display in our very advanced but compact collection of xerophytic plants. With benches and WiFi available, this room attracts students and visitors to stay and enjoy the desert.