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25 October 2012  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

Eleagnus pungens

A few years back, Vincent Kay came by to ask if he could park a few beehives here at the garden. For many of you in the New Haven area, you will recognize his honey jars bearing the name ‘Swords Into Plowshares.’ He has several hundred hives that he has stashed here and there around the county and in southern Connecticut. He sells the honey, of course, but also sells candles and rents the hives out to orchards in the area. The honeybee is the undisputed heavyweight champion of frui... Read more »

24 October 2012  |  Posted by Eric

China Fir
(Cunninghamia lanceolata)

ID – Evergreen, needles spirally arranged, main axis standing out all around stem, those on underside turn upwards so they appear to spring from side, needles sharply pointed, 1”-2 ¾” long, stomata on underside surrounding midrib, bark – brown scaling off, exposing reddish inner bark.

Features – 30’-75’ tall, 10’-30’ wide, slow/medium growth, needles may turn bronze in cold weather, cones ovoid, 1 ½” wide, usually in groups

S... Read more »

24 October 2012  |  Posted by Eric

NOTICE: Beginning November 1, 2012, for safety and esthetic reasons, the overgrown hemlock hedges along the Prospect St face of Marsh Hall and Marsh Botanical Garden will be gradually removed. The existing large trees will be interplanted with mixed Rhododendron and other Ericaceous species, along with Aquifoliaceae, as already exists at the entry walkway for Marsh Hall. 

A subcommittee of Marsh Botanical Garden's Steering Committee has recommended that this hedge be removed. Eastern Hemlock, also known as Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga... Read more »

22 October 2012  |  Posted by Eric

Hakonechloa macra cultivars

For those of you living in the New Haven/southern Connecticut area, I’d like you to add the following items to your burgeoning social/gardening calendars. On Saturday, October  6, starting at 7:30, we will be presenting folk music, compliments of Kath Bloom and Ed Askew, two locally-grown folk musicians.  We are proud to join with Intercambio, as partners in presenting this evening of entertainment.

On Saturday October 20, time to be announced, we will be doing a  tree... Read more »

22 October 2012  |  Posted by Eric

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Renhy’


            The best time of year is a highly debatable concept.  Do you like the beach, the cooler weather, the floriferous spring, the Holidays, cookouts, water- or snow-skiing?  Or are you one of us who relish the changes, who love the beach but also the good outdoor working weather of spring and fall? My northern European heri... Read more »

17 September 2012  |  Posted by Eric  |  Calendar Announcement

On Friday November 9, from 5:00 to 7:30, we will be celebrating Guy Fawkes Day, Halloween and All Saints Day a bit belatedly. We will open our doors to all and sundry, providing light refreshments and tours of the gardens. Musical entertainment will be provided by Peach Pie Band ( and the Usual Suspects. Please join us, get your weekend started off right, and engage horticulturally and musically.

Admission is free, but we will be asking for donations. 

17 September 2012  |  Posted by Eric

Liquid Sunshine - Quercus dentata

I made a mistake last week in announcing our open house in late October. That weekend is fall break for Yale, so I have rescheduled this event for Friday November 9, same time 5:00 to 7:30. Peach Pie Band will join the Usual Suspects as the method of entertainment.

Also for your calendar, one of our volunteers and I will be providing a Tree Walk on Saturday October 20,  We will be talking about a select group of trees here at the garden which we suspect/hope... Read more »

13 September 2012  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

I apologize to my faithful readers for not having visited your inboxes before now. Six weeks is as long as I’ve ever been away from the word processor, since beginning to write the column in 1988, for the Haverford College staff newsletter. So I’m glad to be back, and I have some important announcements to make before telling you about a plant that I encountered on one of my travels.

The first big announcement has to do with the launch of our new web site, which will go on line completely next week (a ‘soft’ launch has been ach... Read more »

7 September 2012  |  Posted by Eric  |  Calendar Announcement

We are excited to announce our loose partnership with Intercambio, as we provide space for two events coming up on our calendar. Starting with an evening of poetry on Tuesday, Sept. 25 followed by an evening of music provided by home-grown New Havenites, we are hoping for increased community involvement in our garden's life.  

"Intercambio was formed to create a hub where the city of New Haven’s vital culinary, cultural and creative talents can merge. Intercambio is comprised of a diverse population of New Haven residents workin... Read more »

15 August 2012  |  Posted by Eric

Our Academic Year Intern program provides an opportunity for students on financial aid to gain experience in our garden. The work is often physical but not overly demanding, and the fringe benefits are numerous and highly regarded. Students work four to eight hours/week, only when our staff is here (M-F, 8:00 to 5:00), tailoring their work schedule to their more important academic needs.  We do ask that interns work for a block of time no less than two hours. Work boots are a requirement. Honey-bees, wasps and other stinging critters ar... Read more »

8 August 2012  |  Posted by James  |  Calendar Announcement

New class forming with Prof. Michael Donoghue will be meeting every Tuesday. For more information, visit

Introduction to the evolutionary relationships of plant lineages. Exploration of the complexity, diversity, and characteristics of the major plant groups, including the green algae, mosses, ferns, conifers, and flowering plants, within a phylogenetic context.

To be taken concurrently with E&EB 247Lb. Prerequisite: a g... Read more »

6 July 2012  |  Posted by Sam  |  Calendar Announcement

We will be hosting a group from the Neurobiology Department on Thursday August 29. For more information, click on Open Houses and Events under the Visit menu on the upper right of our home page.