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25 September 2014  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

  • Due to computer and email delivery problems, our weekly column has not been delivered to our faithful readers' in-boxes (unfaithful readers are grateful for this catastrophe). We are working to resolve this problem, meanwhile continuing to write and produce our classy columns. Please be patient. You will also notice that our Garden Clips videos continue to arrive in your mailboxes roughly once a week, with a very important "Opt Out" option. Thanks for viewing!

12 June 2014  |  Posted by Eric

It's been a lively week here at Marsh Botanical Garden on both the floral and faunal fronts!
On the animal side, we rescued a skunk that had gotten trapped in a window well, one of our bee hives swarmed, and the koi fish began spawning. As for the plants, the banana trees have begun flowering and the fringe trees are in full bloom. We've also harvested our first batch of peas from the veggie garden! 
Come stop by and see for yourself all the wonders that this week's wet weather has brought!  

21 May 2014  |  Posted by Eric

The Irises are just beginning to bloom!  Come visit.


10 September 2013  |  Posted by Eric

We are seeking volunteer docents who are interested in providing interpretion of our greenhouse and garden collections and facilities for visitors. For more information, please contact Eric Larson at <> 

Thank you!

10 September 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Calendar Announcement

Beginning immediately, we have a volunteer docent available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, who will be offering tours. The tours will be at 11:00 and 2:00. We ask that you call first if you are planning to join us, so that we can make sure that the volunteer is ready for you. Thanks!

22 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Calendar Announcement

We are glad to welcome volunteers from the McDougall Center here at Yale, for an afternoon of work in the garden. We will be engaged in every sort of gardening activity from one-thirty to three-thirty on Sunday, July 28. 

11 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

I realized over the course of the last few columns that I start out every one with a lament or description of the weather. This worn-out form of human interaction is next to useless for those readers in far climes, so I will self-edit this portion out of the process. The local weather conditions can be ascertained elsewhere. As for effects on plants and gardens (and gardeners): water what is dry, protect yourself from the sun and the heat and drink lots of liquids.


         &nbs... Read more »

5 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

Liquid Sunshine

July 5, 2013


Hosta species


            Welcome to the New New England Summer, where it feels like the Delaware River Valley when I first moved there from Kentucky in the 1980’s. It’s like living in a plastic bag.  The heat and humidity are more intense every day, with very few breaks of nice clear low humidty sunny days. Fortunately we have a... Read more »

5 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

Liquid Sunshine

June 8, 2013

Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa


            We are having another one of those Junes: the cloudy days have outnumbered the sunny ones and, except for the last week of May, temperatures have been below the average means for those dates.  Meanwhile, tornadoes and severe storms rake across the Midwest and droughts and wildfires ravage the R... Read more »

5 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

Number Liquid Sunshine

June 7, 2013


Fava Bean

Vicia faba


            First a couple of errata and mea culpae.  My well-educated and erudite correspondent from Arne Herbs ( in Bristol, UK bemoaned the sad state of the education available at Yale. I quote here: “Slug….arthropod... Read more »

5 July 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Plant of the Week

Liquid Sunshine

May 24, 2013


Blue-bean Shrub

Decaisnea fargesii


            After a couple of weeks away, much has changed. We broke the ‘drought’ that had me somewhat worried and are now in a rainy spell that has my lettuce patch somewhat worried. Given the choice between a slug of whiskey, a slug as in a bullet... Read more »

9 May 2013  |  Posted by Eric  |  Calendar Announcement

Saturday May 18, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. For the first time, we are opening the greenhouse doors on a Saturday for the general public to visit. Volunteer docents will be on hand to answer questions for the visitors who are encouraged to walk through on self-guided tours. The tropical diversity collections include many fruiting plants, from bananas to mangos. The desert house and the carnivorous plant collection are two of our signature plant collections. Please join us. Admission is free, donations gladly accepted.... Read more »