Koi eggs on water hyacinth (Can you count how many?)
June 12, 2014
It’s been a lively week here at Marsh Botanical Garden on both the floral and faunal fronts! On the animal side, we rescued a skunk that had gotten trapped in a window...
May 21, 2014
The Irises are just beginning to bloom! Come visit.
Group on tree walk
September 10, 2013
We are seeking volunteer docents who are interested in providing interpretion of our greenhouse and garden collections and facilities for visitors. For more information,...
May 8, 2013
Check this video of our Venus Fly-trap winning an engagement with a poor spider. Please forgive the cheers as we just couldn’t help ourselves. Good Romans, we, thumbs...
Our event space is set up for the study of plants.
April 2, 2013
We host several class labs here at Marsh Botanical Garden. This semester EEB 223, Evolution, Functional Traits and the Tree of Life, with Marta Wells is here today, Wednesday...
Our small grove of Bald Cypress, 6 years old, is just coming into its own.
December 12, 2012

Taxodium distichum and Acer palmatum

Most of the leaves have fallen, but there are an amazing number of ‘hangers-on,’ including our two plants this week. I was remarking recently about the late leaf drop this...